Honoring Our Heros

Our state is home to some of the nation’s largest and most important military installations. Fort Bragg, just to the south in the Fayetteville area, is not only the largest military base in the country but in the world. Camp Lejeune Marine Base and Seymour Johnson Air Force Base are key to the North Carolina community, too. As North Carolinians, we are proud to say that many veterans from all over the country choose to retire in our great state.

Winslow Homes appreciates the sacrifice made every day by those who keep us safe as we’re building custom homes in North Carolina. We would like to specifically honor those in uniform, or previously wore, that protect our lives from crime, disaster, and war.

To express our deep gratitude for what they have done and continue to do for us, we want to give back. They help us feel safe in our homes every day, and we want to extend the courtesy as best we can to their homes with $1.00 off per heated square foot in your custom-designed Winslow home!

This special offer applies to veterans, current military, and first responders. If you have ever served in the military or been a first responder for a full year of active, consecutive service, you qualify and can receive $1.00 off per heated square foot in your custom Winslow Home. Contact us today at (919) 556-4700 for full details on this military discount and our team will work with you to apply the discount.

Thank you for your service!


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