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How to Design Your Master Suite: Bedroom and Bathroom

August 26, 2021 4:39 pm

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What’s your most comforting place at your home? Of course, it’s your bedroom where you can sleep, read, eat and do whatever you want. Every house has a master bedroom implying to be the main bedroom. But the main question arises how to make your master bedroom? The most crucial aspect of your design is the layout of your bedroom, also known as space planning. It will determine how traffic flows through your space and will allow you to showcase your design aesthetic in the most appealing way possible.

It doesn’t matter if your space is large or small; the right layout can make or break how you perceive and use it. Most bedrooms are designed with a “bed wall,” but that doesn’t mean that’s the only place for your bed; with a little creativity and some design rules, you can take matters into your consideration and create the bedroom layout of your choice. In the article below, you will learn everything about your master bedroom.

How to Design Your Master Bedroom?

When you return home from a tiring day at the office, you need a comfortable sleep in your own bedroom, but if you don’t have a perfect balance of everything in your master bedroom, then that comfortable sleep can turn into a nightmare. Below are some tips for designing your master bedroom.

1) Choose the Best Mattress and A Suitable Bed

The first step in designing any bedroom is to purchase the proper type of bed and mattress. While platform beds are popular in Singapore homes, we recommend getting an appropriate bed for your master bedroom if you have more space.

2) Window Treatments Are Extremely Important

The window is an important part of a master bedroom design that is often overlooked. The treatment you give your windows will determine how cozy your bedroom looks. While hacking windows is prohibited in HDBs and condos, you can still fiddle with the curtains and drapes.

3) Keep Walking Space Open By Using Compact Furniture

Circulation is critical in bedrooms. And this doesn’t mean air circulation when it’s said circulation. In general, you should keep a flow in your master bedroom. Don’t overcrowd the space with furniture that you don’t need. Choose a small bed and sliding wardrobes that do not take up too much space when in use.

Average Master Bedroom Size

A master bedroom, whether cozy, lavish, or ultra-modern, should feel like a retreat. While the size of the room will indicate a large portion of your design, even the smallest master bedroom has options.

Sizes for a simple master bedroom can range from 110 to 200 square feet. Today, however, most master suites include walk-in closets and master bathrooms. With these additions, the total square footage ranges from approximately 230 to over 400 square feet.

A typical master suite in a smaller home is about 231 square feet. Master bedrooms in larger homes can be as large as 411 square feet, and some can be multi-room showpieces. The size of your master bedroom is ultimately determined by the size of your home’s existing footprint unless you intend to build a new one.

Do You Need a Bath Tub in Your Master Bathroom?

covington ridge master bath

When you think of a master bedroom, you probably envision the enormous bedroom in the house. This could imply that you envision a large bathroom with a tub, but do you need a tub in the master bedroom?

You don’t need to have a tub in the master bedroom, but it can be a good idea for resale value because houses with bathtubs in the master bedroom aim to sell for more. You don’t need anything you don’t want in your home when it comes down to it. If you and your partner dislike taking baths, there may be a good reason for not having a bathtub in the master bathroom.

Because the master bathroom is created for a couple, and the majority of homes are designed for nuclear families, the parents will usually share the master bedroom and bathroom. To accommodate both people’s preferences, there is usually a shower and a bathtub.

If you don’t have both in your master bathroom, it may appear to potential buyers missing something.

Best Kind of Tub for Master Bedroom

Here are some of the best types of tubs you can use for the master bedroom’s bathroom.

1) The Alcove Design

The Alcove tub design is an efficient bathtub style that merges form and functionality. These bathtubs frequently have a showerhead near the top and are designed with convenience in mind. The Alcove tub style is popular in today’s homes because it is ideal for small spaces, smaller homes, and apartments.

2) Freestanding Tub

The freestanding tub style, with its eye-catching visual impact, can improve the design of your bathroom. These tubs can be fixed close to walls or in the center of rooms for an amazing and innovative focus point and visual treat. Brushed metal or chrome faucet accents can be used to create a truly modern and contemporary design aesthetic.

3) Tubs That Are Built-In or Dropped-In

These types of bathtubs, also known as platform tubs, have a pop-in design function that offers the tub’s rim to be flush with the platform or deck it is mounted in; this is a usual design for air tubs.

Best Showers for Your Master Bedroom

turning brook master bath shower

There is no amazing feeling in this world other than coming home from a very hectic day and taking a warm shower bath to release all your stress and tensions. Following are some best showers to use in your master bedroom.

1) Shower Heads on the Go

The handheld showerhead is part of a casual and comfortable shower that is surrounded by various-sized tiles. Although the showerhead has a small diameter, homeowners can adjust the height while washing their hair.

2) Dual Set of Showers

The traditional beauty has dual shower heads, slate tile all around, extra panels below the showerheads, and a frameless shower door. This shower was designed for two people.

3) Showers of Rain

If there is one overextending theme in the new shower design, it is the concept of the rainfall shower. Everywhere you look, more and more homeowners are requesting rainfall showers in their master bathrooms. They are, after all, simple, relaxing, and quick.

Design Your Master Suite with Winslow Homes

The master bedroom is the essence of your house. Your big bedroom is what you need when tired and stressed out like this; you can do whatever you want. The Master bedroom needs a perfect layout to be set and fit systematically with proper space. If you are planning on building a new home in NC, let Winslow Custom Homes help you with the process. We help our customers design their entire home from top to bottom and make their dream become a reality. If you would like to see some examples of home layouts we have done in the past, check out our home design portfolio on our website. Contact us today to find out more information about how you can have your custom home built with us!

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