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Have you always wanted to build your dream home in Henderson, NC? Would you rather see yourself buying an aged property that was built in the mid to late 1900s that will take years to fix? Or would you want a custom home built exactly the way you want it? It is most likely that you picked the latter! You want to build a home that can be described as “brand new” or “personalized” with the trending elements you’ve always wanted in a home. That is what we think too! Why pay for certain aspects of a home you will never utilize? At Winslow Homes, we don’t just build nice houses, because anyone can do that. We build personalized homes that capture the smallest of details that you can envision. If you have thought about building a custom home in Henderson, NC, allow us to serve you well from start to finish as the premier custom home builder for Central North Carolina. 

Benefits of Building a Custom Home in Henderson, NC

There are several benefits in building a home for your family, and we will make sure that you reap all available to you. If you are at all uncertain about your decision in building a home, here are a couple reasons why you should go through with it.

Total Personalization

When you buy a home that is already built, there is a limited amount that you can do to personalize it to fix the needs of your family. Remodeling a home can bring a bit of personalization to the interior, but most of the time you don’t change the floorplan or exterior of the house to the way you want it. Remodeling projects can be an expensive task which could lead to future problems and unwanted stress from faulty contractors. Why pay for a home that doesn’t match your needs and desires?  When you decide to build a custom home, there is unlimited potential in the opportunity to make it unique and exactly the way you want it. Choosing your interior design selections is just as important as the location and the floorplan. These selections are your personal touch ensuring it works best for you and your family. At Winslow Homes, you will have access to our fully equipped design studio along with our experienced design expert to plan out the look and feel of your home. 

Unique Finishes 

Like others that come through our design studio, you may have a specific vision of what you want in your home. Luckily for you, we have tons of options to choose from with the help of our expert designers all in one place! That means you can easily integrate special finishes into your custom home from the beginning. We have taken the concept of selecting your design elements and make it a simple, enjoyable process. Every selection appointment is scheduled as a one-on-one appointment and you will never feel rushed. Our designers will work with you to select beautiful finishes and elements that will truly make your custom home stunning.  

Custom Floor Plans

The homes that we build are not one-size-fits-all. With an older home, what you see is what you get, making for awkward floor plans, expensive home renovations, and a significant investment of time with contractors you barely know. We help our customers plan out every aspect of their home, including the layout of the house. If you have a specific room or feature that you want inside your home, we’ll make it happen with our experienced in-house draftsman. 

Build on Your Lot

The good thing about building a custom home is that you get to pick the location. You know what they say about the number one rule in real estate…Location is key. If you already have a piece of land that you would like to start a new home construction on, we can help you out. If you need assistance locating land to build on, we can help with that as well! When you build a custom home on your lot, you can control the placement and take advantage of specific features to add curb appeal that accentuates your desired aesthetic. 

Superior Quality

When you decide to build a custom home with us, you can be certain that you will receive only the highest quality material. When building a home, high-quality materials are not just for looks. Having a sound design and great building energy-efficient materials and methods will keep your home standing for decades to come. Higher quality materials and methods can also keep utility costs down due to better home insulation. You just can’t beat the quality of material that we provide our customers at Winslow Homes!

We offer all the professional services needed from start to finish to build your home on your private lot. With our vast selection of beautiful home designs for you to choose from, you can customize any floor plan, so they match your needs and desired aesthetic.

Winslow Homes Serving Henderson, NC

If you’re in the market for a custom-built home in the Henderson area, please give us a call or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and make your dreams become reality. One of our knowledgeable reps will be glad to answer any questions and get you started on your journey to becoming a custom homeowner. 

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